Feedback of some of the participants from previous event organised by us

“Coming here was an eyeopener for me. We all dicovered some leadership qualities in us”, Inayat Grewal
“RYLA camp helped us to discover our real self,” Jeevanjot Kaur
“In past two days I have learned a lot about self-awareness. RYLA has given me a path to follow to become a leader”, Ahsaas Sharma
“My self confidence has increased by 20-30% after attending the RYLA and I have learnt how to increase it further, ” Avikalp
“RYLA was not just a camp for leadership but also a camp full of knowledge, experience, adventure and fun. I discovered the real me during the time spent at Kufri”, Akshat Karuwal
“The trip was very motivating and inspiring. I go back with many pleasant memories”, Manpreet Randhawa
“RYLA has been one of the best experiences of my life and I now look forward to participating in international RYLA,” Kabir Singh Bedi
“This trip was educational and with lots of fun,” Puneetjot Singh Grewal
“I learned how good team-work helps in becoming a good leader”, Sameer Malhotra
“We had great accommodation, good food, lots of adventure and education. The trip has left me with pleasant memories that I will cherish forever,” Shiven Ahuja
“RYLA has helped to bring out the hiden leader in me. I not only made new friends but also got to know their way of life. RYLA has taught me to make fullest of my life as we get this life only once”, Mohammad Adnan Nasir Bhai
“I was surprised to discover myself as an individual and future leader. The RYLA experience was very inspirational”, Aashna Verma
“Learning while enjoying myself was a completely new experience for me. Every single event that took place here is forever marked in my memory and I will always cherish it”, Sasaki Negi
“We had numerous lectures but none of them sounded like one. Every lecture was interesting and made learning so enjoyable,” Uday Pratap Singh
“Waking up without an alarm, the beautiful morning sky, the pleasant drizzles, trekking and an ultimate exposure to nature and people from diversity was worth an experience that has rejuvinated my mind and soul”, Rhea Jaspal
“One of the most important learning for me was to never be afraid of uncertainties of life,” Aditya Dhingra
“This was my best ever educational trip,” Rishabh Arora