Friendship team visits from USA



nid visit-02On 2 February 2019, we received the Friendship Team from USA  at the Rotary House, Chandigarh. The team consisted of 33 Rotarians who were hosted by our members. They stayed in Chandigarh till 5 February.

The team participated in administering Polio drops to children and also painted a slum school. They also visited other projects of the Club and attend the Club meeting on 4 February.


Visit to Burail school

nid visit-03

Visiting Rotarians had a first hand experience of our efforts under WINS project at Govt. Middle School, Burail. Students demonstrated the eight steps of hand washing while singing about it, making it a fun activity. The students also gave a dance presentation, as also made the guests dance with them. The guests were also shown a garden developed by students out of waste.

Painting the crèche cum school, Bal Bahar


Members of the Friendship Team painted Bal Bahar in Bapu Dham Colony to gain some hands on experience of helping in one of the projects of Rotary Club Chandigarh. Five rooms of the school-cum-crèche were painted in 3 hours with loads of enthusiasm. Packed working lunch was served during the break by Hot Millions.


World Polio Day celebrated at Elante Mall


We marked the World Polio Day on 24 October 2018 with an event at Elante Mall, Chandigarh. Rotractors from Rotract Club of Chandigarh presented a street play on the theme of Polio.

A large number of visitors at the Elante Mall gathered to watch the play. District Governor Praveen C. Goyal and President A.P. Singh, along with many Rotarians were present.

Today, India is Polio free, but the picture was different a few years ago when people were resisting giving Polio drops to the children, and many children were getting affected by the polio virus. The play presented the story of one such family where the child was afflicted with polio after her family refused her polio drops. Now as the child battled polio and its effects, the family is all out for polio eradication and giving polio drops to the children.

The play ended with the celebration of India being polio free since 2014. A message was also given to the people who gathered that the fight against polio still continues, and administering of polio drops will continue.